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The Financial Case for Renovating


Enfield Pharmachoice was a 2,100 sq. ft. pharmacy with an adjacent 1,400 sq. ft. physician’s office complex.

The physicians’ space was not being used and David desperately needed to increase the size of the dispensary to keep up with growing prescription volumes.

It would have been an understatement to say space was tight. At only 217 sq. ft. it was very difficult for the staff to be efficient, and the use of ‘Drug-A-Doors’ for Rx shelving not so subtly revealed the age.

Further adding to the pharmacy’s issues was the use of a single counter for drop-off, pickup and semi-private counseling.

David decided to utilize the empty physician office space to enlarge the dispensary without reducing any of his front shop. Because the existing dispensary was in the proper location (vis-à-vis the front entrance), the new dispensary reception was placed in almost the same spot, with the production areas in the newly freed-up physicians’ space (see layout below).

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Uniweb Canada Catalogue now online

download catalogTuesday, October 4, 2016

“The number of products and solutions available from Uniweb is quite astounding”, says Wayne Caverly, President, Caverly Pharmacy Solutions, “but many people only see Uniweb as shelving for Rx walls and bays”.

But that ends today, with a new online catalogue showcasing the breadth of Uniweb’s offerings.

Access it here: http://uniwebcanada.com/

About Uniweb

Founded in 1970, Uniweb addresses pharmacy’s growing need for more space and versatility in fixturing. The innovative steel panel design it created and developed has revolutionized the pharmacy design industry.

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Will we see you in Boston – at NACDS?

tse 2016Montreal, Wednesday July 20, 2016 – The 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo is less than 2 weeks away with 1,200 retail executives already registered!

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions will be there representing Uniweb pharmacy fixtures and the p-Link Leading Edge prescription tracking system.

Contact Wayne Caverly by phone at 888-864-9322 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your appointment.

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10 Reasons to Choose Uniweb

  • A Pharmacy Solution Open or Close

    total solution for pharmacyUnlike fixture companies within which pharmacy is an after-thought, Uniweb was founded to address the specific needs of pharmacy – and pharmacy only. Forty-five years later and Uniweb continues to meet regularly with its major pharmacy clients and continues to create solutions to their unique challenges.

  • A Total Solution Open or Close

    full solutionAll Uniweb counter walls include electrical outlets and cabling, data conduits, shelving and cabinetry (including counter tops). The modular pharmacy goes even further to include the walls, ceiling and lighting. In 2 – 3 days you can go from an empty space to a fully functional pharmacy

  • Temporary Pharmacies Open or Close

    temporary pharmaciesTemporary Pharmacies that last: The modular pharmacy is used by some of our chain clients for their temporary needs. Assembled within 3-days and dismantled just as quickly, the modular pharmacy can be stored in a trailer or container until you need it again. Given the Uniweb modular pharmacy is conservatively expected to last a minimum of 8 installations, why would you ever build and scrap a traditional pharmacy again?

  • On-Time Delivery Open or Close

    on time deliveryStandard items are kept in stock so they can be shipped quickly, usually within 1-week of receiving your order.

  • Lower Install Costs Open or Close

    Lower Install CostsUniweb’s unique design allows for installation in about half the time of competitive systems. Partly because Uniweb wall panels are installed directly in front of the existing wall. No need for plywood backing or strapping to be added.

  • Backless Shelving Open or Close

    backless shelvingUniweb's high-density shelving is available with full back, open back, or half and half (lower closed, upper open). In addition to reducing upfront cost, the open concept improves visibility & ventilation and may reduce shrinkage.

  • Sliding high-density shelves Open or Close

    sliding high density shelvesNeed more storage space but don't have room? Uniweb has a unique system whereby see-through high density shelves can be place directly in front of existing wall units (on sliding tracks) providing a substantial increase in your storage capacity but requiring less than 10 inches of depth.

  • Built-in Electrical and Data Open or Close

    electrical and data built inUniweb panels can be ordered with CSA & UL approved electrical fully built in to the units (as well as data conduits for all your phone, computer, and other data needs). The wiring to connect everything together uses quick-connect cables allowing your millwork / shelving installers to do all the wiring substantially reducing your electrician costs.

  • Variety Panels Open or Close

    variety panelsThese Uniweb panels fit on any existing gondola shelving to provide Uniweb flexibility throughout your store saving significantly on your front shop shelving costs. If you're like most, you order peg panels as backing in all your front-shop shelving even though very little of the front shop uses pegs. Peg panels can cost significantly more than other options so by ordering less expensive panels throughout the store, and then attaching Uniweb variety panels only where pegs are needed, you save on upfront costs while gaining greater flexibility

  • Ultimate Flexibility Open or Close

    ultimate flexibilityUnder counter storage units (vials, bottles, shelves, drawers, etc.) are all hung off Uniweb panels, allowing re-organizing of your pharmacy in minutes and without the need for tools. The full breadth of Uniweb's product line is astounding, but we're always being asked to come up with new solutions to address pharmacy's ever changing needs. If you have a need that isn't being solved by your current vendors, please contact Uniweb Canada.

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Choose Your Own Colours

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Uniweb fixtures are made from cold rolled steel. Everything under the counter and above the counter is hung on Uniweb’s patented steel slatwall. This means nothing is fixed in place: All components can be relocated at any time, by anyone, without the need for tools. Uniweb is also extremely solid and fully self supporting. Even shelving units on the walls can be relocated in minutes.


Standard pharmacy millwork is static, not allowing you to make physical changes as your volumes grow and your business model progresses. Changes to the interior contents of the millwork requires significant cost and disruption of the business.